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Tips and Advice on your Pearls and Beads

Storing your pearls when not wearing them

When putting pearls away in a jewellery box it is best to separate them from other items such as chains etc, as these can scratch the pearls and cause the lustre to be damaged. So it is best to place them in their own jewellery pouch first and then in the box.

Magnetic clasps on necklaces

Magnetic clasps have become very popular, as they are so easy to do up and undo. The only problem is that it's also easy to take them off the wrong way. They should not be pulled apart and held by the beads, this causes the necklace to break more quickly. The correct way to undo a magnetic clasp is to grip the clasp and slide it up or down to undo.

Caring for your pearls and beads should make them last a nice long time. But if you feel they need expert attention, Contact us about your jewellery repair needs.